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SCCS Programs Offered

Some things that we offer at SCCS as we build respect and friendships among our members:

Leadership: 2020-2021 Cadet Command Staff

  • Training is offered through: Online learning, in person Character Development classes and hands on experience at Squadron Meetings, Wing Activities and Emergency Services.

  • Through advancement in the program, both Cadets and Senior Members are afforded the opportunity to put their leadership skills that they learn into action both locally and throughout the country.

O-Flight St Cloud Composite SquadronAerospace Education:

  • Educational training is offered through online learning and hands on activities that include the use of: Model Rocketry, Flight Simulators, Drones and many other projects. 

  • Flight Opportunities are offered through O-Flights - free orientation flights in our CAP plane for qualified cadets and flight lessons for active Cadets at a reduced cost through arrangement with our Senior Member Pilots and the Civil Air Patrol.

Emergency Services:Cheese Box - ELT - training for Emergency Services Training Evening

  • Training to become Ground Team Certified to participate in Search and Rescue Missions authorized by the Civil Air Patrol.

  • Locally hosted GTA - Ground Team Academy and SAREX - Search and Rescue Exercise  missions.

  • Training for Senior members to become Mission Scanners or Mission Observers for Emergency Services, you do not need to be a pilot to be a Scanner or Observer.

Color Guard:2020 St Cloud Composite Squadron Color Guard

  • SCCS Color Guard is a group of four to six cadets, chosen for their dedication to the CAP Core Values, who are tasked with representing our unit during formal events.

  • Some of the events that our Color Guard participates in are: Change of Command Ceremonies, Awards Banquets, Color Guard Competitions, Parades and other formal events where the Squadron is requested to present the Colors.

  • The Color Guard works to master the Drills and Ceremonies in order to represent the Squadron at these events, Color Guard requires dedication to the program.

Volunteer Service:
Cadets at Ft Snelling for 2019 Wreaths Across America

  • We offer many opportunities to volunteer locally with the Squadron including: Wreaths Across America, Becky's Troops Dinner, marching in the local Veteran's Day Parade and many other events.

  • Encouragement to volunteer in your local communities - Community Service Ribbon and clasps can be earned for each 60 hours of  documented volunteer service outside of the Civil Air Patrol.


As a Squadron we strive to perform all of the above duties while modeling the CAP Core Values.
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