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St Cloud Composite Squadron Awards and Promotions

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04 Apr 2022

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Curry - C/Amn Emma Richardson 

Curry - C/Amn Preston Cady

Goddard - C/CMSgt Benjamin Greshowak

Armstrong - C/CMSgt Leo Sun 

Amelia Earhart - C/Capt Abraham Berg-Arnold


Mitchell Certificate Presentation - C/2nd Lt Caleb Fisher

Mitchell Certificate Presentation - C/2nd Lt Alayna Schwab

2 year Red Service Ribbon - C/MSgt Benedict Dvorak

Ground Team 3 - C/CMSgt Leo Sun

01 Apr 2022

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Air Force Association Awards

Cadet from St Cloud Composite Squadron - C/SMSgt Benjamin Greshowak

Senior Member from St Cloud Composite Squadron - 1st Lt Leah Staup

07 Mar 2022

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Curry - C/Amn Cade Morgan 

Curry - C/Amn Elizabeth Parsons

Curry - C/Amn Alaina Voigt

Doolittle - C/SMSgt Benjamin Greshowak

Mitchell - C/2nd Lt Caleb Fisher


Wright Brothers Certificate Presentation - C/SSgt Lukas Greshowak

2 year Red Service Ribbon - C/MSgt Benjamin Greshowak

Community Service Ribbon and 1st Clasp - C/SSgt Lukas Greshowak

Community Service Ribbon and 1st Clasp - C/SSgt Megan Greshowak

Community Service 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Clasp - C/MSgt Benjamin Greshowak

Senior Member Awards 

Community Service Ribbon and 1st Clasp - SM Jennifer Greshowak

07 Feb 2022

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Feik - C/SrA Kaden Richardson

Rickenbacker - C/TSgt Samuel McCoy

Lindberg - C/MSgt Jack Atwood

Goddard - C/CMSgt George Berg-Arnold

Goddard - C/CMSgt Tobias Dvorak


Cadet Advisory Council Ribbon - C/CMSgt Caleb Fisher

2 year Red Service Ribbon - Cadet Cade Morgan

2 year Red Service Ribbon - C/TSgt Jack Atwood

Community Service Ribbon 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Clasp - C/CMSgt Aiden Staup

Senior Member Awards 

5 Year Red Service Clasp - 2nd Lt Peter Docken

20 Year Red Service Clasp - Lt Col Gregory Nastrom

01 Nov 2021

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Curry - C/Amn Abigail Steichen

Curry - C/Amn Grace Tollefson

Curry Honor Credit - C/Amn Grace Tollefson

Rickenbacker - C/TSgt Jack Atwood

Mitchell - C/2nd Lt Alayna Schwab

Achievement 10 - C/1st Lt Abraham Berg-Arnold

Certificate Presentation

Wright Brothers Certificate Presentation - C/SSgt Megan Greshowak

11 Oct 2021

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Arnold - C/A1C Kaden Richardson 

Lindbergh - C/MSgt Ashley Eblen

Doolittle - C/SMSgt George Berg-Arnold

Doolittle - C/SMSgt Leo Sun 

Armstrong - C/CMSgt Caleb Fisher

Position Announcements

Cadet of the Quarter - C/A1C Kaden Richardson

Alpha Guidon Bearer - Samuel McCoy

Tango Guidon Bearer - C/A1C Kaden Richardson

Achievement Awards

Achievement Award Ribbon - C/MSgt Leo Sun

Minnesota Encampment 2021 Distinguished Squadron Graduate

1st Clasp for 2nd Award - C/CMSgt Caleb Fisher

Minnesota Encampment 2021 Echo Flight Outstanding Cadet

1st & 2nd Clasp for 2nd and 3rd Award - C/2nd Lt Joshua Fisher

Minnesota Encampment Charlie Flight Sergeant - Honor Flight for Encampment

Outstanding service to the Squadron as 2020-2021 Cadet Commander 

13 Sep 2021  

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Curry - C/Amn Kaden Richardson

Curry - C/Amn Michael Johantgen

Wright Brother - C/SSgt Lukas Greshowak

Wright Brother - C/SSgt Megan Greshowak

Lindbergh - C/MSgt Benedict Dvorak

Lindbergh - C/MSgt Benjamin Greshowak

Doolittle - C/SMSgt Tobias Dvorak

Armstrong - C/CMSgt Alayna Schwab

Armstrong - C/CMSgt Connor Schwab


2 Year Red Service Ribbon - C/MSgt George Berg-Arnold

CAP Solo Pilot Rating - C/SSgt Jack Atwood 

CAP Solo Pilot Rating - C/CMSgt Caleb Fisher

Change of Command - Incoming Commander - C/2nd Lt Abraham Berg-Arnold

Senior Member Awards 

2 Year Red Service Ribbon - 2nd Lt Sandra Schwab

5 Year Red Service Clasp - 2nd Lt Cynthia Olson

10 Year Red Service Clasp - 2nd Lt Johnathan Sowada

25 Year Red Service Clasp - Maj Richard Josephson

Character Development Instructor - 2nd Lt Donald Granlund

O Davis Award - 1st Lt Benjamin Glaser

O Davis Award - 1st Lt Sandra Schwab

Senior Member Promotions

1st Lt - 1st Lt Benjamin Glaser

1st Lt - 1st Lt Sandra Schwab

02 Aug 2021

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Wright Brothers - C/SSgt Jack Atwood 

Lindbergh - C/MSgt George Berg-Arnold

Lindbergh - C/MSgt Leo Sun 

Goddard - C/CMSgt Caleb Fisher


2 year Red Service Ribbon - C/SSgt Samuel McCoy

Senior Member Awards

Senior Member Recruiter Ribbon - 1st Lt Leah Staup

12 Jul 2021

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Feik - C/SrA Lukas Greshowak

Feik - C/SrA Megan Greshowak

Rickenbacker - C/TSgt Benjamin Greshowak

Wright Brothers - Certificate Presentation - C/SSgt Nathan Wiener 

Doolittle - C/SMSgt Michael Thielen

Doolittle - C/SMSgt Preston Thielen

Lindbergh - C/MSgt Tobias Dvorak

Senior Member Awards

Benjamin O-Davis - Achievement Award - CDI - 2nd Lt Joseph Calandra Jr

07 Jun 2021

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Feik - C/SrA Jack Atwood

Rickenbacker - C/TSgt George Berg-Arnold

Rickenbacker - C/TSgt Benedict Dvorak

Doolittle - C/SMSgt Caleb Fisher

Goddard - C/CMSgt Alayna Schwab

Goddard - C/CMSgt Aiden Staup


VFW Cadet Officer Award - C/2nd Lt Joshua Fisher

VFW Cadet Non Commissioned Officer Award - C/TSgt Leo Sun

Senior Member Awards

25 year Red Service Ribbon Clasp - Lt Col Shawn Warneke

25 year Red Service Ribbon Clasp - 1st Lt Steven Szymanski


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