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Resources for Members

Please use the drop down menu on to find what you are looking for, or click on the following internal links to learn more.  If there is something that you would like added to any of the resource pages to further assist the Squadron members please let the Command Staff know.


Kept current by the Command Staff, you can see upcoming meetings and activities.

Chain of Command

Looking for who to contact?  Know what element you are in and need to send a email up the chain? Check out the Chain of Command page. 

Stripes to Diamonds

Charts and links for newer cadets to learn the stages of the program and for all cadets to review insignia and know how to address your leaders.

Squadron Newsletter

Current and past newsletters of the St Cloud Composite Squadron.

Cadet Resources

Resources for forms, regulations, pamphlets, and training links for Cadets.

Senior Resources

Resources for forms, regulations, pamphlets, and training links for Senior Members.

Pilots and Aircrew

Pictures for all and links and forms for pilots.

Aerospace Education

Check out some of the exciting things that CAP has to offer in their aerospace program!

Emergency Services

Learn about the levels of ground team training and find the directions and materials to start on your training.


An integral part of our Emergency Services as we maintain a base of operations in our coms room during exercises.

Color Guard

Interested in presenting the flag at special events, joining in a challenging Cadet Competition, representing the Civil Air Patrol at parades?  Color Guard might be for you!


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