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Color Guard

The St Cloud Composite Squadron Color Guard is a Specialized Team assigned to the protection of the National Ensign and CAP Organizational colors of the St Cloud Composite Squadron. The Color Guard trains extensively in the Air Force and CAP Manual of Arms/Colors. The Color Guard consists of a minimum of four cadets and is commanded by the Color Guard Commander, who carries the National Ensign and gives the necessary commands for movements and rendering honors during drill exercises or parade ceremonies.

The Cadets that are assigned to the Color Guard are held to the highest standards as they represent the Squadron's Mission and Core Values.  It is considered an honor to be chosen for the Color Guard.  Our Squadron's Color Guard is tasked with representing our unit at the following events: Change of Command Ceremonies, Awards Banquets, Color Guard Competitions, Parades and other formal events where the Squadron is requested to present the Colors.

This prestigious Honor is usually assigned to 4-6 cadets in the Squadron and you can identify who is in the Color Guard through the wearing of the White Shoulder Cord.

Cadet Competition 2022

On Saturday, January 29, 2022, the St. Cloud Composite Squadron Color Guard competed at Bethel University against 10 other teams in the Cadet Competition. They had to compete against the other teams in several events throughout the day. Some events were done as a team and some were done with randomly selected individuals. The events that the team had to participate in were: Uniform Inspections, Uniform Building, PT, Indoor Practical, Outdoor Practical, Written Exam, Impromptu Speech, and a TLP or team leadership problem.

Overall the St Cloud Composite Squadron received 3rd place in the 2022 Cadet Competition and the following; Uniform Inspection 2nd Place, Written Exam 2nd Place, Impromptu Speech 2nd Place

Our great team consisted of C/1st Lt. Abraham Berg-Arnold, C/CMSgt Connor Schwab (Color Guard Commander), C/CMSgt Caleb Fisher, C/SMSgt Benjamin Greshowak, C/CMSgt Leo Sun, and C/TSgt Samuel McCoy. 2nd Lt Jonathan Sowada is the Senior Member that heads up our Color Guard.

SCCS Color Guard Competition 2020

Cadet Competition 2020

Our Color Guard was one of nine squadrons to compete at this year's Cadet Competition held at Bethel University in St. Paul. After putting in hours of practice, bringing a new member up to speed, and showing up with a team of five instead of six, St. Cloud Color Guard did an amazing job. The Competition consisted of the Indoor Posting of the Colors, Outdoor Practical, Uniform Inspection/Uniform Building, Written Exam, and Physical Fitness. We placed second in the Outdoor Practical and C/2d Lt Joshua Fisher tied for first place on the written exam. Congratulations to a team who gave it their all and made St. Cloud proud. C/CMSgt Connor Schwab (Color Guard Commander), C/CMSgt Abraham Berg-Arnold, C/CMSgt Caleb Fisher, C/A1C Leo Sun, and C/2d Lt Joshua Fisher, . 


SCCS Color Guard Cadet Competition 2019

Cadet Competition 2019

Nine color guards from around the Minnesota Wing participated in the 2019 Minnesota Wing Cadet Competition. It was held at the St. Cloud Army Aviation Facility on September 28, 2019. The competition included being judged on performance of the indoor practical, outdoor practical, physical fitness, team leadership problem, uniform inspection, uniform building, and a written exam. Overall, Anoka Squadron placed first, Stanton placed second, and Owatonna placed third. St. Cloud had an excellent run and took home two outstanding awards: First place in team leadership problem and second place in the outdoor practical. Cadets from St. Cloud who participated were C/SMSgt Connor Schwab, C/SrA Caleb Fisher, C/CMSgt Isaac Duerr, C/A1C Samuel Hoover, and C/SMSgt Joshua Fisher (Color Guard Commander). Congratulations, St. Cloud!

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