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Emergency Services

With over 90% of Search and Rescue in the United States being done by the Civil Air Patrol there are many ways that you can become involved.  

Cadets can:

  • Become trained as a Ground Team Member while learning practical survival tactics.

  • Put together a "24 hour pack" for survival in the wild for an entire day and a "72 hour pack" for weekend events like Winter Survival, Summer Survival, local SAREX - Search and Rescue Exercises, and Ground Team Academy. 

  • Learn skills through hands on activities including locating distress beacons, participating in practice litter carries, learning map reading with grid systems and Latitude and Longitude and many more lifelong skills.

Senior Members can:

  • Participate in all of the above mentioned activities for Ground Team and become Ground Team Leaders.

  • Aircrew - serve as a Pilot, Mission Observer or Mission Scanner.

  • Communications at the Mission Base and Ground Teams - to relay critical messages.

  • Mission Base Staff, Administrative Staff, Financial Managers, Logistics and Supply, and Operations Officers - to document missions and get critical supplies and equipment needed to conduct missions into the field. 

Emergency Services Links

(All of the links in this section will open new browser windows outside the CAP.GOV domain.)

FEMA Course Links. Notice: Independent Study Exams require a FEMA Student Identification (SID) Number. If you do not yet have a SID, register for one today: FEMA SID Please take the classes in the order listed below:

Courses that can be located on eServices

Go to: Online Learning > Learning Management System >

  • ICUT  Introductory Communications User Training - Is a combination of online training paired with instructor led training that is facilitated by the Squadron Communications Officer
Operations >
  • Aircraft Ground Handling Training
Emergency Services >
  • General ES Test - CAPT 116 - Required for Ground Team 3

  • ES Continuing Education Part 1 - CAPT 117 Part 1 - Required for Ground Team 3

  • ES Continuing Education Part 2 - CAPT 117 Part 2

  • ES Continuing Education Part 3 - CAPT 117 Part 3

Emergency Service "Green Bible" (Link opens outside of the CAP.GOV domain) Ground & Urban Direction Finding Team Tasks - also found on the right under resources.

CAPF 101 Card and your CAP ID must be carried on your person when participating in Emergency Services Search and Rescue Training Exercises. 

The CAPF 101 Card lists your current specialties with their expiration dates and is VOID if there are no personal characteristics provided (Height, Weight, Eye color, Hair Color). 

To print your CAPF 101 Card:  

  • Make sure that your Personal Characteristics are updated in your eServices .

  • Upload your CAP membership picture ID - must be approved by the Commander before it will appear on your eServices - see regulations for photos on eServices.

  • Click on the link here: CAPF 101 (Link opens a new browser outside of the CAP.GOV domain.) and sign into eServices with your CAP ID and you can print your 101 Card

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