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Page Creation


Parent pages are always listed. To see all the pages on your site you will have to click on the down arrow on the left of the parent pages to see the child pages.

Parent pages with child pages will display navigation tabs to the left of the top of the page when viewed on a computer. If you wish to have the whole page dedicated to something, you will need to not have child pages. You are limited on how many pages you can have on the navigation bar so keep this to a minimum. On the MN Wing website, the News page was designed this way and so has no child pages.

When you create child pages the parent page then becomes a tab with a drop-down menu. This is visible on a computer but when you click on the parent page on a phone it goes to the parent page. I recommend that on the parent page that you put a link to all the child pages that are on the page so when a parent page is click on a phone it does not lead to a blank page. See the examples below.


Name: Page Name


•Dynamic Module will give you a drop-down menu with Events, Landing Pages, News, Partners, Photo Albums, Resources, Submission Forms.

•Static Page is what St Cloud and MN Wing mainly used.

•Static Link just links you to an outside page.

Enabled: Yes or No. A disabled page does not show on the website.

Breakpoints: Default is set for phone which seems to work best on all platforms.

Navigation Name: This name can be altered from the Page Name and is what appears in the Navigation.

Show in Sitemap: Yes or No. No will show on the editing side but not the site. MN Wing has multiple of these for Units that have not yet transferred their websites to SiteViz. There is a link to this “invisible internal” page.

Show in Search: Yes or No. For internal search feature.

Default Page: Yes or No. Page that appears first in search.

Save: This saves your work without publishing it – if website is live and it is not published, users will get a 404-error.

Save and Publish: This will publish the edit – if website is live this is a live publish.

Cancel: This will return you to the last version and not save the last set of changes.

Page Content: This is where you will build your main page after the creation of the page. Building tools will be gone over in a few minutes.


Window Title: This is generated from the page name and is limited to 28 characters.

Alias: You cannot reuse an alias.

Visible to Search Engine: Yes or No. Keep this as a yes for someone searching to be able to see the page.

Meta Description: Provides a brief summary of content (100-160 characters) found on the page to assist with search engine navigation.

Open Graph Title: Not able to be changed.

Open Graph Description: Provide a brief summary description (70-155 characters) of the page that will appear when the page is shared in social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook/Meta.

Open Graph Image: This image would appear in the above description.

Save/Save and Publish/Cancel Refer to above description.