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Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4


Normal (DIV)

With each of the above fonts you can see the sizing and the spacing between rows.  You cannot have two fonts in one row. 

As you continue to fill the page content section a scroll bar will appear to the right side of the editing screen, and you will be able to scroll up and down throughout the page with the scroll bar on the side of the screen, as seen in the picture below.

Bold Italic Underline

Heading 3 

You cannot bold the headers but you can italicize or underline them as seen above.

The remove format icon will remove the above formatting and leave you with your originally chosen font.

Wording Left

Wording Center

Wording Right

Inserting numerical and bullet points:

  1. One 
  2. Two
  3. Three

  4. Four
  • Bullet Point 

The bullet points automatically format to Normal (DIV) as seen in point one and two.  If you would like to change the formatting, then highlight the wording and change the formatting.  Three was changed to Normal and four was changed to Address.  Along with those changes the line spacing changed accordingly.

Inserted Block Quote: use the  " icon next to the bullet point icon.

Use of the right and left indentation icons to the right of the quotation mark icon.

Creating an indents 

Creating indents

This section shows the different CAP color fonts.  These colors are an exact match for CAP branding purposes and in the pictures below you will see how to change font and background block color to the CAP colors of: 

Font Color CAP Blue  #001489     Font Color CAP Red #ba0c2f          Font Color CAP Gray #9EA2A2     Font Color CAP Yellow #FFCD00     Font Color Website Gray #f1f1f1

Background block color with white bolded font.

To change the wording color A or block background color A, select the text that you are changing then the corresponding icon to what you want to change.  You will see a drop-down box of colors.  Choose "More Colors…"  > click on any color, then, in the box below the selected color, type in the CAP color code that you want to use > click on OK.  Your chosen color will not appear in the color selection, but it will change the font.

The Symbol Icon has several different categories to choose from:

  • Special

  • Punctuation

  • Scientific

  • Unit

  • Ordinal 

  • Bopomofo

The Photo Icon will insert photos that you have stored in the Files section of your Unit’s website - directions for this are on the Photo/File Storage and Slideshows page.

·Edit or crop your photo to the desired format prior to uploading it to the Files section to keep the highest resolution possible.

·You will hit “Browse Server” to search for your photo/file.

·Alternative Text is what helps screen-reading tools describe images to visually impaired readers and allows search engines to better crawl and rank your website. Be descriptive but brief.

·Width adjustment adjusts the photo size for the webpage. Try to keep the width for slide show and larger pictures 900 or lower.

When you upload a picture and then adjust the width/height to make sure that the lock icon that is next to the adjustment boxes is in the locked position or the photo will distort.


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